Monday, February 9, 2015

Story Structure and Story Arc

Story Structure
Story One
- the chain of events that brings the protagonist to their knees.
Heart of the Story - death of the old belief system accompanied by insights into one's higher nature.
Story Two - the far side of the crisis, where the protagonist demonstrates a new worldview.

Story Arc
Exposition - the protagonist's normal life, up to the point of the "inciting incident" or "call to action" hat pushes them into conflict.

Rising Action - The conflicts, struggles, and pitfalls that the protagonist faces while trying to achieve their goals. In three act structure, the second act, and usually the longest portion of the story.

Climax - The point at which all seems possible or impossible, and the protagonist must decide whether to go for the win or take a graceful failure. The turning point of the story where conflict occurs.

Falling Action - The unfolding events after the climax. The protagonist wins or loses, all loose ends are tied up.

Denouement - The return to normal life once again (different from or same as exposition?)

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