Thursday, September 1, 2016

Project 1 – Collaborative Comic

Using the “exquisite corpse” exercise, you will first describe a new character before passing the description onto another student who will draw the character in silhouette. The next student will fill in the details and pass the developmental materials onto the next student who will write a short story about the character. That student will pass the story onto another student who will adapt a script before another student thumbnails and pencils the comic. Comics do not have to be inked, but pencils should be dark enough for a good scan.

You may work digitally or traditionally, but a digital copy of the image must be emailed to the instructor by 2pm. Traditionally created work should be scanned at no less than 200 dpi. Name this image “IL320_Lastname_Firstname_Project 1.jpg”.

Collaborative Comic is due Tuesday September 6 via email by the beginning of class, preferably sooner.

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