Thursday, September 1, 2016

Project 8 – “A River Runs Through It” GPAC Collaborative Show

Create a narrative sequence (a comic!) based on the theme of “A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT.”

GPAC Creative position statement:
Smetana: “The Moldau”
Virgil Thomson: “The River”
Schumann: Symphony No. 3 “Rhenish”
The Mississippi created the mid-South. With this concert, we pay tribute to the world’s great rivers, which have shaped human history and inspired musicians for centuries. We open with Smetana’s “The Moldau,” one of the most haunting river pieces ever composed. It conveys the centrality of the river to the Czech composer’s Bohemian national pride. The heart of the program is inspired by the great Mississippi: Virgil Thomson’s infectiously tuneful “The River,” was written for a WPA documentary. Each movement, based on a traditional hymn, depicts the river’s impact on the region. The Rhine, and the life on its banks, courses through every movement of Schumann’s great “Rhenish” Symphony. The program closes with Johann Strauss’ “Blue Danube Waltz,” a love song to the river that begins its journey in the Black Forest of Germany and flows through the European gems of Budapest and Vienna before emptying into the Black Sea.

Just as the great rivers of the world have inspired the world’s great composers, so many of the world’s great artists have drawn inspiration from music.

The comics created will be used to populate the lobby gallery for the upcoming Germantown Performing Arts season. Utilizing the chosen work of MCA students, GPAC wants to connect their lobby/gallery space to the musical theme of “water” and engage the audience with interesting and evocative imagery for their 2017 season. For example, using our own Mississippi River as a metaphor for water.

-        The goal of the work is to create a thematic metaphor for water or the properties of water. The use of symbology is encouraged to interpret the music and create an engaging image. (see key words and links)
-        The medium is up to you and can be executed utilizing and building on your strengths. The format must be consistent and presented in a unified way.
-        The image must have great visual impact.
-        Flap and present professionally.

17”x22” portrait in black and white or full color with a clean 2” border all the way around – creating a live area of 13”x18.” This should be treated as one large comic page.
- Students working digitally should work at size or larger, reducing the image for print.
- Students working traditionally should work at half size (roughly 11x17) and scanned at 600 dpi or more.
- Students whose work is chosen for exhibition must print out their own pieces to be framed. Epson paper will be provided for digital prints on 17”x22” paper.
- In addition to the illustration, all progress is to be recorded in 5”x9” tan moleskins, to be included in the   show. Progress will also be recorded digitally on a dedicated folder on the server.

9/29         Check Progress on River Comic (Thumbnails should be complete)

10/20      River Comic should be completely penciled

11/8         River Comic is finished!

Ideas and References Links
Key Words:
Floating, raft, wheel boat, Mississippi, Danube, Rhine River, waterfall, water, river, lake, Mightiness of the water – floods, etc.
Water activities (canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and sailing)
Exercise (walking, jogging, running, and biking)
Family time (picnicking, kite flying, and model airplane flying)
Relaxation (reading, painting, meditating)

How to draw a water drop

Drawing Water, Diane Wright

How to Draw Calm Water

Suggested artists:
Vladimir Kush, John Nash, Grant Wood, Maxfield Parrish, Jacek Yerba, Thomas Hart Benton

River Heritage posters:

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